My name is Devin. I’m a content strategist and information architect.

I help companies create alignment between aspiration and operations, using content as a guiding light for organizational change.

I’m currently learning how to bake artisan bread and pastry. I also host In the Making, a podcast exploring the origin stories of content strategists and user experience designers.

You can reach me on Twitter or Linkedin.

• The Grammar of Content Strategy
• There’s Glass Between Us: Subtle Signals in Information Architecture

• Model the Message: Holistic Content Modeling — Confab Central 2017 [Upcoming]
• Change the IA, Change the Org: Managing the Politics of Information Architecture — Giant Conference 2016 [Slides]
• How Mission-Driven Organizations Can Dream Bigger and Do More With Content Strategy — Confab Higher Ed 2016 [Slides]
• Card Sorting for Community — A Confab Higher Ed Lightning Talk [Video]
• Building a User-Focused Information Architecture [Slides]